Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Pure Gift

Pure Grit...

Perhaps it's a character trait.



Gritty Determination?

Whatever it is, you'll need it to survive the crises
thrown at you in the Internet business.

Several times over the past few days as my business
floundered on the rocks of Apache config files, I
wondered if I should be doing something else...

...anything else!

But, having been online for about six years, I knew
the server would eventually splutter into life and
the show would go on.

That's one of the great things about the Internet...
by its very design, it's virtually indestructible.

Sure enough. The web-pages started to be churned out
a few hours ago. :-)

I can send email, but not receive it. :-(

...but who needs email anyway...

...it saves hitting the "delete" button three hundred
times a day ;-)

Pulling The Rug From Under Affiliates...

A major concern of mine for people who only earn money from associate programs is that the rug can be pulled out from under you. It's all very well building excellent mini sites and making sure pages score highly in the search engines. But what happens if the associate program closes? What if the affiliate program commissions are changed such that you earn $0.25 per click instead of $0.50... but you know all your pay per click campaigns are only profitable if you earn over $0.35 per click? Nightmare! Here's a very real example which I received a few days ago from c2it, the Citibank-backed person-to-person payment system (kind of like PayPal)...

Niche It, Niche It Good!

A second key to online success is to work the small,
profitable niche's.

I'll give you an example.

I wanted to buy a DVD player. Yes, I'd held out long
enough and was ready to embrace the "new" technology!

BUT, I didn't want another box under my TV. So I
went looking for a DVD/VCR combo.

I found one I liked and took it home from the store.

I'm a happy bunny. The Lord Of The Rings is just
spectacular! :-)

OK, back to the niche.

If you search Google for "home business" (without typing
the quotes) you get 6.8 Million results.

If you search Google for "DVD VCR combo" (without typing
the quotes) you get 61,000 results.

Now, if you earn 2% per sale on a $400 DVD/VCR combo
from your local electrical retailers website, that's $8
per sale.

And there's very little competition.

Work the Niche :-)

I recommend Mini Site Profits by Phil Wiley for learning
about cashing in on mini sites...

Key To Retiring Early

I was reading Web Gold by Terry Dean last week and he mentioned how residual income is a key to success for many people. It's easy to see how Terry's right. If you have a job, you have to keep working to earn money. If you have a business, you have to keep selling to earn money. But, if you sell a product through recurring billing, or if you sell products as an affiliate and earn residual income, you can reach a level of success which will enable you to stop working! For as long as the person buys the product, you take a slice of the revenue. Even if you sold to them five years ago. Of course, if you're an affiliate, you have the same risks that the merchant may go broke. And if you're the merchant, you still have to provide the service which the customers are paying monthly for, and provide customer support. But the fact is that building a residual sales income will provide greater stability and revenue than making continuous sales. Try to build a residual income stream into your business, and let me know how you get on :-) By the way, I've got tons of great info from Terry's site...

Comission Stolen

Some people doubt that commission stealing is a problem. It is. Clickbank have taken steps to plug the leaks in their system according to Allan Gardyne's latest newsletter. If you're an affiliate and not subscribed to Allan's newsletter, you're missing the best newsletter in the field...it's free... http://www.AssociatePrograms.com/ I'm glad ClickBank are moving in the right direction because I had a commission deliberately stolen from right under my nose! How do I know? Easy. I'm the ONLY affiliate for a product I endorsed recently. But, when I sent my announcement, a sale appeared from a SECOND affiliate username. The person had changed my affiliate link to their own so that they could pocket the commission I was due. That's bad karma folks. Even if stealing commissions was the easiest thing in the world to do, it still doesn't make it right. We recently discussed the different software solutions to preventing commission theft at: http://www.scamfreezone.com/forum/config.cgi?read=3217.
To get your free copy of his Internet Success

Sekilas tentang Geologi

Geologi adalah ilmu yang mempelajari mengenai batuan secara mendatail dan mendalam Untuk masuk ke dalam ilmu geologi yang lebih kompleks diperlukan bekal pengetahuan mengenai keadaan alam bumi seperti yang kita lihat dalam kehidupan sehari-hari kita. Gempa bumi, tsunami, tanah longsor, badai angin topan, dan banyak lagi jenisnya merupakan hasil atau produk dari proses yang dapat dipelajari pada ilmu geologi yang lebih spesifik lagi.

Prinsip utama metode penelitian geologis adalah melaksanakan pengamatan di lapangan terhadap consecutive stratification of rocks (komposisi batu-batuan dan tanah keras dalam susunan yang berlapis-lapis di mana lapisan demi lapisan terjadi atau terbentuk secara berurutan) yang disebut juga stigraphy, mengamati secara dekat bentuk atau raut dari batu-batuan tersebut (tectonics), komposisinya (petrography), dan usianya yang relatif berdasarkan fosil hewan atau tumbuh-tumbuhan yang terkandung di dalam lapisan tanah (palaeontology).

Maka untuk lebih mengenal ilmu Geologi  maka diadakanlah praktikum lapangan ini yang bertujuan  untuk mengasah keterampilan dalam melakukan navigasi darat yang berperan sangat penting dalam penentuan arah dan titik koordinat dari suatu sampel batuan serta untuk melatih fisik dan mental praktikan dalam menjalani kuliah lapangan Geologi dasar.

Kalimat Penutup Skripsi

Penelitian – penelitian yang dilakukan telah menunjukkan banyak anomali – anomali cuaca dimana hal ini banyak didapatkan dari data-data yang telah dihimpun dan didata secara statistic hal ini kemudian dijadikan dasar untuk mengetahui pola persebaran curah hujan dan kaitannya dengan fase bulan . Meski belum dapat disimpulkan secara empiris bahwa curah hujan benar – benar berpengaruh dengan cuaca namun perlu diadakan penelitian lebih lanjut yang dapat membuat kita lebih yakin dan memahami apakah curah hujan berpengaruh secara langsung terhadap fase bulan . Meski pada dasarnya , jika kita mengetahui pola persebaran curah hujan dan kaitannya dengan fase bulan maka kita dapat menentukan dan merencanakan berbagai kegiatan yang dapat dipengaruhi oleh curah hujan seperti hal nya masa penanaman pada suatu lahan tanam . Selain itu kita juga dapat mengentisipasi berbagai bahaya dan bencana yang dapat timbul akibat curah hujan yang berlebihan seperti banjir,tanah longsor dan lain sebagainya.